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I’m a bit of an introvert (hence the living alone on a small island for large chunks of the year) and don’t particularly like attention so, as you can imagine, the exposure that’s resulted from writing and publishing 100 days and my subsequent books and my engagement with the social media often feels very uncomfortable. BUT, on of the best things to have come out of all this are the connections I’ve made with people I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and the messages we’ve exchanged. I love hearing from readers or potential readers, people who’ve found some meaning in my work and those who are sceptical of it; I love hearing their thoughts and their stories. So write to me; whether you like my work or hate it (constructively!), or because your shit is similar to mine, or because it’s completely different, or simply because you feel like writing. Or whatever. Get in touch. That’s what this wonderful invention called “the internet” is for.

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