Daphne Kapsali says hello

Daphne Kapsali was born in Athens in 1978, but that was a bit of a mistake on the part of the universe, because she’s actually a Londoner. She lived in that wonderful, terrible city very happily on and off since 1996, doing a variety of fun and badly-paid jobs, until she realised she was a writer, whereupon she promptly made herself homeless and unemployed to spend a few months living alone on a small Greek island and writing full-time. She dubbed this project 100 days of solitude and the result, one hundred stories brought together under the same title, was published as a book in March 2015. you can’t name an unfinished thing, also produced during her stint as a reclusive author, is her first published novel. She has since published another six books, all of which are available from Amazon.

Daphne is a big fan of the law of attraction, the universe and all things positive, and hopes her story will keep inspiring others to overcome their fears and limiting beliefs, and live their best lives. She doesn’t always refer to herself in the third person, and she’s actually quite nice, if you get to know her. Get in touch, and see for yourself.