you can’t name an unfinished thing

what if letting go isn't the right thing to do

A love story, because all stories are, essentially, about love. 

There are certain things that time cannot touch. Very few. Metal it turns to rust and bones to dust and the souls of those we’ve loved into ghosts and memories. Ancient temples fall to ruin and gods fall from grace, and people fall out of love and forget. Very few things can withstand the passage of time, its ruthless continuity, always moving on, always leaving moments behind, but in Anna’s short lifetime there was one thing that did.

Was it hubris to wrench apart what destiny had conspired to unite? Could there be atonement for such a thing?

This story begins at the end of a thing that hasn’t ended, and travels in orbit in the space between then and not yet, circling questions unanswered and unasked, alternative endings and futures that never came to pass, looking for a place to land. It is the story of Anna and Jack and it’s a love story, because all stories are, essentially, about love and the inexplicable things we do in its name and in its absence, in its pursuit and in its wake.

you can’t name an unfinished thing. A novel by Daphne Kapsali. Written during her stint as a “reclusive author” in Sifnos in the winter of 2014-15, and published in May 2015.

Available from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle, and free to read on Kindle Unlimited.