All the stuff that we carry

I have just updated this website to reflect a greater need for simplicity, for lightness in my life; a need to carry less and leave more space for the little that is actually meaningful. Because this website, just like our lives, was full of stuff: too much information, too many references to this and that and the other shooting off in dozens of directions, too many distractions from the essence of the thing. Which is simple – as most things are, before we go and complicate them: if you’ve come to a writer’s website, you probably want to know about her books. And if you’re curious to find out more about the writer herself, you can always send me a message, and we’ll chat. But there is absolutely no need for me to throw all my stuff at you from the get-go.

My latest book, my first published work in Greek, also reflects that same need or, perhaps more accurately, its realisation: to make my way through this life a little lighter. It’s title, Ola afta pou kouvalas, loosely translates as All the stuff you’re carrying. And the quote above, which acts as the preface to my book, says it all. So I’ll leave it at that.

Thank you for stopping by.