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Get a free copy of This Reluctant yogiThank you for stopping by. I’m Daphne Kapsali, writer, reluctant yogi and pathological optimist, and author of 100 days of solitude, the accidental self-help guide to being yourself and doing what you love. And another five books, all of which are helpfully pictured above, and available to buy from Amazon.

You can find out more about me if you like, but basically I’m a girl who got thoroughly sick of hearing herself talk about how she’d be a writer one day (don’t you knowso one day – I just did it. I gave up my job in London, and spent some time on a small Greek island called Sifnos, writing full-time. My account of this experience – the process of figuring out my shit and finally becoming who I was supposed to be – turned into a book entitled 100 days of solitude. Which, happily, seems to be inspiring other people to work out their own shit and go after their dreams – no matter how unlikely they might seem. All in all, it’s worked out well for everyone, and I haven’t looked back. (Or down. Looking down gives me vertigo; this unemployed writers’ lifestyle is very precarious!)

Anyway –

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That’s a big question, but you can start small. Get your free book, read it, have fun with it; laugh at my misadventures (you’re supposed to). And maybe, if you like it, read 100 days of solitude, too, and see where it takes you. And write to me; whether you like my work or hate it (constructively!), or because your shit is similar to mine, or because it’s completely different, or simply because you feel like writing. Or whatever. Get in touch. That’s what this wonderful invention called “the internet” is for.