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Going off the beaten track, literally or figuratively, can take many forms. It can be as big as moving countries or as subtle as a shift in the way you think. Pushing against your own limits, taking a leap, taking a step outside of the margins of convention; giving up something safe for something better, finally trusting in the thing you've always wanted to do or pursuing a dream, no matter how unlikely it may seem. All of these books explore paths that are off the beaten track in one way or another and, if you're looking for inspiration, perhaps you can follow them there.

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The centuries old pilgrimage route through Spain known as El Camino. Fate deals Keith Foskett the opportunity to experience the way as he hikes 1000 miles to Santiago de Compostella. As this book shows, it is rarely the start and the finish that count, but the journey in between.

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Written with humor, a respect for nature and a conscious knowledge that we must somehow rebuild our relationship with it, the author shares with you her incredible life and personal transformation in one of the most inhospitable places on the planet.

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Jack Kerouac meets Bill Bryson with touches of Cormac McCarthy and John Steinbeck. Set in 1990s Australia, 30 year-old Vince Osborne ditches his respectable life and hits the road. His aim is to discover Australia, its people and himself. Random encounters lead to unexpected adventures, an optimism for the future and peace with his past.

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Daphne gave up her life in London to pursue her dream of writing full-time on a small Greek island: this is her story. A fusion of memoir and travel writing - a bit like Eat Pray Love but with a lot more swearing - 100 days of solitude has become an accidental self-help guide to doing what you love and living as your true self, whoever that might turn out to be.

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